Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

Mikko Kouki

Mikko Kouki (born 1967) is a Master of Theatrical Arts and a versatile theatre and film professional, who also lectures and writes columns. Before taking reins at Oulu City Theatre, Kouki co-founded and worked as a Theatre Director at Linnateatteri in Turku for nine years, where he directed many successful plays. The theatre now has the third largest annual audience numbers in Finland, and Kouki is still a member of its Board.

Kouki is well-known for his work in Finnish TV and film industry. He acted in a central role in an award-winning TV series Irtiottoja during 2003-2004, which he also co-wrote. He is also a popular actor in Finnish films, many of which have reached international critical acclaim at film festivals: Frozen Land (2005), Man Exposed (2006) Christmas Story (2007) Tears of April (2008). In 2007 he won two Jussi statues at the national film awards: Best Script for Frozen City (2006) and Best Supporting Actor in Man Exposed (2006). His latest work as a scriptwriter and actor was in Naked Harbour (2012), which he co-wrote together with his wife Niina Repo and Aku Louhimies. He is currently a member of the European Film Academy.