Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards

Data Base Foreword

Developing new play scripts for young audiences was central to the work of PLATFORM 11+.

Between 2009 and 2013, 50 new plays for 11-15 year olds were written and mainly produced by the European Theatre partners. The database presents all these new scripts and their authors. Also incorporated in the database are plays, which were written during the Ibero-American project “Schoolyard Stories”.

You will mainly find plays, which stay true to the spirit and motto of PLATFORM 11+, “Artistic Discoveries in European Schoolyards”. The content of all these plays is based on research conducted in the targeted age group. Users of the database can access information about the new repertoire thanks to the different search functions (topic, summary, age, cast, author, translated languages etc.) For those who want to read the whole play, there are links to the owners of the copyright, from whom they can order the plays. We would be grateful for any feedback about the structure and function of the database.

Autor Title

Jessica Fisher (Great Britain)

Ghost Town

Nora Mansmann (Germany)

1. Bonny Boy & Drangonfly 2. Selma

Rui Pina Coelho (Portugal)

30 Schoolyard Nano-Plays

Indrek Hargla (Estonia)

Andromedas Island

Bouke Oldenhof (The Netherlands)

Babel (Book of errors 1-7)

Liv Heløe (Norway)

Before the Bell

Giuditta Mingucci (Italy)

Before the journey

Jukka Heinanen (Finland), Arjunan Manuelpillai (Great Britain), Rui Pina Coelho (Portugal) – Adopted and devised by Alex Evans (Great Britain) and the Finnish cast


Péter Horváth (Hungary)

Black Stone

Eva Rottmann (Germany)

Bluer than usual

István Tasnádi (Hungary)

Cyber Cyrano

Katalin Györi (Hungary)


Péter Horváth (Hungary)

Emil and the detectives

Shireen Mula (Great Britain)


Lars Vik (Norway)

Five impossible minutes

Bouke Oldenhof (The Netherlands)

Frost damage

Aare Toikka (Estonia)
Péter Horváth (Hungary)


Marco Renzi (Italy)

Here come the European Boat People

Gabriel Fernández Chapo (Argentina)

I don't want to be Che Guevara

Liv Heløe (Norway)

In the window

Richard Hurford (Great Britain)

Jack & Daniel’s Spectacular Comedy Guide to Girls

Zuzana Ferenczová (Slovakia)

Jump out of Skin

Gunnar Germundson (Norway)

Kim playing

Anna Pabst / Lorenz Langenegger (Switzerland) /
Ákos Németh (Hungary)

Last First Week

Bjørn Sortland (Norway)


Petra Tejnorová, Blanka Josephová-Lunáková, Bára Gregorová (Czech Republic)

NOW 55 31 13 me - The boundary path of realities. One day in the life of adolescents

Michael Müller (Germany)

Oh boy!

Michaela Zakutanská (Slovakia)

Once it hit me

Marion Jõepera (Estonia)

Paperclip Belt

Petr Vodicka
and the collective of actors (Production at Alfa Theatre March 2011)

pirat07&QueenOfLove - A Comic Style Story

István Tasnádi (Hungary)


Tibor Vokoun (Slovakia)

Salto Mortale

Michaela Zakutànská (Slovakia) /
Kristiina Jalasto (Estonia)

Salto Mortale (Kombat) : One Plot - Two Plays

Arjunan Manuelpillai (Great Britain)

Santa's Last Christmas

Arjunan Manuelpillai (Great Britain)

School Ties

Jukka Heinanen (Finland)

Schoolyard Stories

Simon van der Geest (The Netherlands)

Somebody’s move, Nobody’s move

Laura Naumann (Germany)

Sorry Dad, but I have to

Bouke Oldenhof (The Netherlands)

Thank you

Petr Vodicka (Czechia)


Kristin Auestad Danielsen (Norway)

The dark cloud

Toril Solvang (Norway)

The Hangar

Annina Rokka (Finland)

The Last Day of School

Giuditta Mingucci (Italy)

The Man on the Horse

Richard Hurford (Great Britain)

The Mystery of Jack and the Clones of Chaos

Rui Pina Coelho (Portugal)

The old sendentary and the young adventurer

Ákos Németh (Hungary)

The purse

Ákos Németh (Hungary)

The Webshop

Liv Heløe (Norway)

Thinking Time

Heikki Itänen (Finland)

Too Old and Too Young

Lilly Axter (Germany)

Victorias Station (Pokerface & Babyface)

Anna Papst (Switzerland)

What happens during the break

Richard Hurford (Great Britain)
with Giuditta Mingucci (Italy)

What Light